Our Projects

Our strategy is to provide timely assistance to individuals in need through various channels, ensuring widespread accessibility. Our vision is to establish the Enigma Co. brand as highly recognizable, surpassing even the renowned Red Cross in terms of reach and impact.

How We Get There

We employ a multimedia-driven approach, leveraging both crowd and direct funding to execute commercially viable projects, thereby bolstering our brand recognition. Our goal is to prioritize three key elements in our projects:

Our strategy revolves around rewarding our early adopters and stakeholders in each project, ensuring that they share in the success and achievements that result from their support.

Project Lineup

Made Of Fire

We are made in the image and likeness of God, we are made of the same substance, we are made of fire, we are made of light.

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Dark Speeches

Our second album – the original soundtrack to the film GRIP.The album focuses on revealing the workings of the spiritual world and how our lives interact with that world,

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Crazy To Wow

The wisdom and power of God always sounds crazy at first, because God is a mystery and to anyone who doesn’t know him,

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Love Notes

Easy viewing short stories designed and intended to give perspective on life, morality, wisdom and provoking
thought and attending to cultural

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A series of individual stories woven together culminating into one global story that shows the depth of God’s love and the extent of his sacrifice to redeem and restore mankind.

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Though DeVaughn is a musical genius, he circles the perimeter of his family of figureheads who don’t believe he’ll ever amplify the family name.

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The B.L.A.N.K  Space

What is B.L.A.N.K?

The BLANK space, in collaboration with Enigma Co., is a versatile media and event center that serves as a creative hub. It offers dedicated workspaces, a fully equipped film studio, a recording studio, a podcast suite, an Unreal Engine studio, sound stages, and a dance and theatrical performance studio. Access to The BLANK is available through a monthly subscription, granting members the opportunity to utilize the facilities and attend weekly hosted events. These investments provide members with the valuable opportunity to learn various skills from industry professionals.

Operating Model

In collaboration with Enigma Co., The BLANK space is a dynamic media and event center designed to ignite creativity. With dedicated workspaces, a fully equipped film studio, recording studio, podcast suite, Unreal Engine studio, sound stages, and dance and theatrical performance studio, it offers a range of facilities. Access to The BLANK is available through a monthly subscription, granting members the opportunity to utilize the space and attend weekly events. These investments provide members with valuable skill-building opportunities taught by industry professionals.

B.L.A.N.K Spaces

With our unique model, our goal is to establish multiple BLANK Spaces in creatively progressive and talent-driven cities worldwide. As we expand, we aim to foster local talent discovery and cultivate thriving creative communities along the way.

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Enigma Co. Programs


Adopt A Homeless/Samaritan Project

Through this program, individuals have the opportunity to partner with Enigma Collective in providing financial support to help a specific homeless person, beginning in the city of LA. Our objective extends beyond simply removing individuals from the streets. Enigma Co is committed to facilitating comprehensive rehabilitation, addressing underlying challenges, and empowering them to regain control of their lives. This holistic approach includes facilitating access to mental, physical, and emotional support, eliminating unhealthy influences and addiction, securing stable housing, and assisting them in rediscovering and pursuing their purpose

Light Bringer

As part of our outreach efforts, we prioritize providing aid to areas experiencing emergencies, natural disasters, or mass catastrophes. To ensure preparedness, we allocate a portion of our revenue to establish a dedicated Emergency Relief Fund. Our aim is to be at the forefront, offering immediate assistance and support to those affected by such events, extending a helping hand in times of crisis.


The “Home” project focuses on constructing shelters to provide homeless individuals with a safe space, meals, clothing, and support to transition from the streets to a purposeful life aligned with their true potential.


The “Balm” healthcare program aims to provide comprehensive healthcare coverage, from outpatient care to surgical procedures, for individuals who lack the financial means, are homeless, or lack access to healthcare services. By ensuring access to healthcare, “Balm” seeks to foster a healthy community where individuals can thrive and contribute positively to humanity.

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