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We craft captivating narratives and share them with our audience, aiming to establish partnerships and self-fund projects through viewer pledges.

Crowd Funded   Everything

We create captivating stories and present them to our audience, aiming to establish partnerships and self-fund projects through viewer pledges. Our “buy the ticket now” plan allows people to invest in upcoming movies, plays, or albums, offering a minimal investment with future returns and support for a humanitarian purpose. Additionally, early investors have the opportunity to receive returns and benefits based on their specific project investments

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First Steps

Our strategic approach involves establishing digital platforms and nurturing a robust online community. Through these outlets, we will effectively showcase and promote engaging short stories via various social media channels. Simultaneously, we will identify noteworthy film and TV projects for development. To support our ambitious endeavors, we will actively seek funding opportunities for our highly anticipated inaugural feature film and accompanying soundtrack album.


Leveraging social media as a central communication platform, we will cultivate a dedicated community of individuals who align with our vision and are eager to serve as ambassadors. These esteemed individuals will play a crucial role in bolstering our outreach efforts, driving substantial engagement, and potentially offering their valuable time and resources in support of our mission.


Our objective is to cultivate a robust social media presence, amassing a following of 1 million subscribers across platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Podcasts. We will engage with our audience through regular weekly episodes on YouTube, supplemented by shorter content pieces. Additionally, we will produce captivating teasers and promos for our debut film, “Grip,” while also initiating a crowdfunding campaign to secure the necessary support for its production.


Our TV series transforms ancient stories, bringing them into the modern age, allowing viewers to explore timeless themes and moral lessons through captivating narratives and innovative filmmaking techniques. These thought-provoking stories delve into the depths of the human experience and offer insights into the nature of spirituality.

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We are seeking dedicated volunteers who share our passion, possess a clear vision, and are ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with us.

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We are seeking individuals with diverse talents, including writers, directors, cinematographers, coders, artists, producers, project managers, and anyone who possesses a passion for sharing their creative gifts.

Our Goal

Our aim is to establish meaningful partnerships with artists, ensuring they are duly compensated for their valuable contributions. However, as we work towards achieving this goal, we kindly request your support in the meantime.

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